Mother of God…..

Mother of God…..


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Telling me you want to hang out then friend zoning me, THEN telling me I wasn’t even your first choice…

The sad part

I still want to be near you…




Don’t drop those glasses, aye, don’t drop those glasses.



Don’t drop those glasses, aye, don’t drop those glasses.

I don’t shove my beliefs down your throat so don’t shove yours down mine.

You speak of tolerance but you only tolerate people who agree with you.



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It’s funny you said, with me, you would go.

But when I actually ask, you don’t even have the courtesy to tell me no.

If its that hard for you to let me down, why the hell did you ever make me think things were looking up.

Friend zone

I hate just playing the friend, but I dare not ask for more.
I can’t expect anything from you or tell you how I feel but if I could…

I’d tell you how bad I want to hold you and kiss you until you realize I have always been here…

Or remind you no girl is worth your time, you deserve so much, and I’d do all I can to help ease any pain.

But I’m just your friend, and it’s driving me insane.

Love the way you lie.

I’m probably getting played by you because I care a lot, but the saddest part is I know it and I’m letting it happen.

Want to know why?

Because for a moment in my life, I can at least pretend in my mind, that you really do care about me.

At least for this moment, I feel special in your eyes.

And in this moment, I can pretend that I actually have a chance.

I know this will destroy me later, but at least then I can look back and say, it was just pretend. And that will be the best lie I ever tell myself, and will possibly believe.