I love you.

It’s really fucked up how I give and give so much of myself to people who just take and give nothing back but heartache.

You are so important to me and at one point you must have thought I was too? What happened?

Did you forget?
I’m over here missing you while you’re out there forgetting me.

But…I love you….


I’m just so damn happy today, it’s cray…

You lying bastard! I know I should have listened to everyone when they said you didn’t care, that you never will! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I only exist when you want something. You’re not interested in me, you never were! All you care about is yourself and I HATE you!

Dear God, save me from myself.

I can’t fucking stand you.
Don’t tell me to care and be happy if, as soon as I do, you completely shutdown. I’m affectionate and loyal. All I get in return is nothing. So fuck you.

Fuck it… Just fuck it. I care about you so damn much that I feel like my ribs can hardly contain my heart, that feels like it’s going to burst for all the love I have for you.
But no. You couldn’t care less. I’m just replaceable to you. You don’t care!!! Why can’t I just accept it. I want closure! You will never be mine because you never wanted me to begin with. I was only a back up, a second choice. I fucking quit.